Soul Train

The Soul Train is back…….. from outer space…..they rolling through here just to put a smile all over your face!


Totaling over 140 feet long it is the home of Back to Back Kings of Kolosse! The Soul Train is returning to the KOK Parade as the reigning winner of the National Peanut Festival Parade and is a staple of Grooving and Boogieing down the KOK Parade route since 2015!


This baby is powered by a 200 amp power station, multiple bead cannons and has over 200,000 LED lights rocking its Electro-Voice display for your viewing pleasure! That Sound is pumping from 8- 18” subwoofers, 6- 12” speakers totaling over 18,000 Groovy watts!


The conductor of this Party is rocking two turn tables and the MC is reeling on the Mic! Don’t sit down… STAND UP AND PAAARRRRRTY!!!!! THE SOUL TRAIN HAS ARRIVED!