The parade starts at Solomon Park.  Lineup begins at 10:30 am, and the canon fires at 2:00 pm to begin the parade.  You can see the route here.  Please make sure you have contacted Joe Quinlivan to get your parade float position assignment and to make sure you arrive at the lineup point on time.

We are lining up in a neighborhood, so please be respectful of the people who live in the area, and don’t block their driveways.

The parade is open for people to join, but there are some rules.
1) No golf carts, motor cycles or trailer mounted bands with amplified instruments will be permitted.
2) The racing or revving of vehicle engines is not permitted.
3) A business may enter a float into the parade, however the float must be of a design which primarily promotes a Mardi Gras theme rather than advertising for the business.
4) All float riders must wear masks at all times during the parade.
5) Each float must be Mardi Gras themed.
6) Each float rider should have a minimum of 700 throws.
7) Each float must provide its own tow-vehicle with ample towing and stopping capacity.
8) Each float must provide its own tow vehicle driver and co-driver.
9) Drivers must remain inside and in full control of the tow-vehicle at all times.
10) Co-driver is responsible for assisting the driver inside and outside of the tow-vehicle as needed.
11) Each float must provide a minimum of 2 walkers to walk alongside the float to prevent people from coming too close to the float’s wheels.
12) No alcohol in tow-vehicle or on floats during the parade.
13) Floats must start and finish the parade in the order and position assigned to them.
14) All non-KOK floats must pay $100 to register and participate. This helps cover the cost of hiring off-duty police escorts.
15) No float will have a deck or cargo area less than 16 feet in length.

I have read the rules for the parade and agree to follow them.